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Impact Theaters – quick learning, quick reminders, quick logic

tao.JPG​For those who overlook or dismiss the Impact Learning Theatre sessions because they are short, and you think "What information can I get in 25 minutes?"… you are wrong. You may not get a massive amount of new technical protocols, but still holds great value and can be very engaging. The first of two I attended on Wednesday was the "TAO of Security, balancing Security Program Elements". TAO are Technology, Architecture, and Operations. The biggest take away from this quick presentation, given by David Rickerson of Guidepost Solutions, is that policy must match reality. We all know that, but it is also one of the biggest mistakes we make, and perhaps one of the largest reminders we need. He also had great visuals to remind us of these lessons. It is great to deploy innovative technology, but if you don't have the operations to manage it, what good does it do? Your success is not about technology, but about persuasion and people. Make sure all work together, not as independent pieces that can't support each other.

In the second Impact Learning Theatre session, Lori Fridell talked about implicit Bias and how it affects security practitioners. We all have our biases. We are impacted by other things outside that influence our actions. As security practitioners, this can be a dangerous or costly diversion. We train our staff to react based on behaviors, yet influences relating to race, age, clothing, etc. can be a distraction and lead to missing the real issue. There are consequences to this: ineffective asset protection, customer dissatisfaction, and an increase in liability. Many of us know this, but don't always put best practices into place and don't manage biases. This was a good reminder to check your responses, see what you are missing and why or what your are responding to that could make you miss the important stuff.