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100+ examples of CPTED

​Sometimes, you need a picture to remind you what you shouldn't do, or to remind you that you just might be lazy about that leaning fence piece, or you have a poorly painted cover up of graffiti. In case you have forgotten some of the basic principles of CPTED, they are Natural Access Control, Natural Surveillance, Territorial Reinforcement, and Maintenance.

The pictures involved in this hour long presentation are fast reminders of how many of our properties evolve. We start out with great landscaping, then it grows and gets overgrown. We get a larger dumpster and it becomes a great place to hide. We hang banners or ads in windows; our pathways get trampled or redirected. We see it every day and ignore it. It becomes routine.  Art Hushen, President of the National Institute of Crime Prevention and Mark Schreiber of Safeguards Consulting have compiled an impressive set of pictures that remind us of good and bad CPTED implementation. It is worth downloading the presentation, we all need a reminder and reality check. You will probably roll your eyes and think "I have one of those" or "glad I got that taken care of" with some pictures, it also has some good ideas on how to enhance an already robust program.​