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Security Cares


27–​28 September, 2017

Kay Baily Hutchison Convention Center

​Wed. | Three East Fork​
Thurs. | D221 & D222​

Security Cares is an ASIS International community safety and security initiative designed to educate managers of small/medium-size businesses and cultural/community institutions—places that traditionally have not considered themselves targets—about the fundamentals of security prevention and preparedness. By delivering free education programs and access to security thought leaders and solutions providers, Security Cares helps build safer, more resilient environments.

In 2017, this two-day program features free, expert-led instruction on topics including:

  • Active shooter/assailant preparedness and response 

  • Fundamentals of a workplace violence plan

  • Dealing with immediate and potential threats in the workplace

  • Guidance for working with law enforcement and first responders

  • Tips to enhance mail room safety

  • Fundamentals of cybersecurity


Members of the media can​ register for a free press pass by contacting​.​

About Security Cares

Launched in 2016, this initiative takes place annually at the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits as part of a commitment to give back to the communities we visit and ensure they benefit from the collective wisdom and product knowledge amassed at this seminal event.

While larger organizations may have sophisticated security programs, small businesses and community institutions—such as churches, nonprofits, schools, clinics, museums— don't always have the resources or know-how to adequately mitigate risks to their people, property, and assets. Through Security Cares, ASIS provides easily implementable prevention and preparedness strategies and best practic​es, as well as access to a global pool of security thought leaders and solutions providers.

Supporting Security Cares

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