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Paul Barnard

Paul Barnard.jpg​​​​​Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Barnard has more than 29 years of experience within the City of London Police.

He has experienced policing at several bombing incidents, including the IRA attacks on the City in 1992/93 and leading one of the first response teams to the scene of the terrorist attack by Al Qaeda inspired suicide bombers in July 2005.

Consequently the City of London Police, has had to innovate to protect the economic interests of the City- the Ring of Steel protective security zone the first to incorporate ANPR technology; Project Griffin to provide private security staff with briefings on hostile reconnaissance and latterly Project Servator behavioral detection/influencing behavior.

Paul also has extensive experience of economic and fraud related investigations as a Senior Investigating Officer, managing several teams and has experience of policing with international partners, across Europe and the USA.  He was also responsible for driving and developing a Fraud Academy commercial project in the public sector environment. 

Over the past few years, Paul headed the City of London Police Special Branch and Counter Terrorism, protecting the interests of the City and was responsible for strategic funding. 

Paul is now the strategic head of the City of London Police's Crime Directorate, which incorporates amongst other activity, serious and organised crime, cyber crime, covert policing, counter terrorism, volume crime, public protection, forensic services and administration of justice.

Paul is developing a Cyber Protect Project to better protect businesses and is enhancing the capacity and capability of the team, drawing on his experience of developing the Fraud Academy.

In June 2015 Paul was awarded a Masters Degree in Applied Criminology from Cambridge University and continues to provide support and mentoring to other candidates.

He is also a member of the City of London Crime Prevention Association, which is led by and hosts business leads and is the first police officer to be invited onto the Committee.

His interests include football (the round ball version!), cricket (happy to explain the rules!), personal fitness, reading and he loves travelling.